Avail the all in one air fright solution with RK courier and carrgo services

Airfreight is a fast-paced, challenging, and ever-changing industry that pushes us to be creative and adaptable to offer you the best services possible. Our air and cargo services team in Karur expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions to solve your business challenges, whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial aircraft or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them. Contact our RK courier and carrgo services expert, and they are just a click or call away from you and everywhere in between. When it comes to air freight, we have various products and services to meet your needs, whether they are global or regional. We have a group of experienced airfreight experts ready to assist you in ensuring that your goods are arrived on time and in perfect condition.       

Our differences

Our teams of experienced and skilled airfreight experts ensure quick and dependable solutions in any situation. At the peak of the global COVID-19 crisis, we organised several intercontinental air bridges totaling several chartered flights to meet the urgent needs of various industries and governments.

We have different service levels to meet your needs

Our team of air freight professionals will deliver tailor-made solutions to get rid of your business challenges, whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial aircraft or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them.

  • Air charter:

Our air cargo services Karur have a reputation for taking on challenges that others consider it difficult. The word impossible does not really in our dictionary. In the forwarding industry, our dedicated in-house charter services are unrivalled. With a global operation that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the air charter team thinks outside the box to match the right aircraft to your cargo. If it needs to be moved by air, our charter team will be able to help.

  • Air now:

We provide very quick pick-up and transit times when the next flight out is the only option for ultra-urgent shipments. When there is a deadline that cannot be missed, this is ideal for your accelerated fright.

  • Air premium:

Air premium is the answer when you need a dependable air fright option and work on a tight time frame.

  • Air value:

When you are short on time, please take advantage of our low-cost air freight service. When speed and dependability of airfreight are required but transit time to destination is not critical, we offer our consolidation service to provide you with a highly cost-competitive option.

We provide support for air freight compliance and documentation.

Our air freight group is always up to date on the most current air freight compliance requirements. Our air freight service in Karur can handle all administrative and documentation procedures and ensure the smooth handling of your air cargo. We have first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules, and regulations. Customs clearance, security, licence requirements, and compliance with other local regulations are all part of this.

Transit your shipping with us

If you need air courier services in Karur, we have cost-effective solutions for you. Our air freight teams are ready to assist you throughout the shipping process, from managing the initial quote with detail and thoroughness to tracking the shipping details from origin to final destination.