Get the fastest air cargo transportation service with our RK Courier and Cargo.

The process of air cargo operations is time-consuming. We believe that the process will be meaningful only when the goods are delivered to the correct person, at the correct time, at the correct location, and in the correct manner. RK Courier and Carrgo is the best air freight service in Karur, Tamil Nadu, providing quick, efficient, cost-effective, and dependable services. We are well-equipped with cutting-edge software and a global network. We have years of experience and are committed to handling all aspects of air cargo logistics operations. You can rely on our best air and cargo services in Karur. We will deliver world-class air freight shipments to you and provide what our clients require. Our unrivalled air cargo services are extremely efficient, saving our clients both time and money. 

Air cargo service

We offer a huge range of products and services to meet the needs of the customers.

Cargo services in general:

This service provides the quickest airport-to-airport transportation for many product lines, including garments, textiles, fabrics, spare parts, documents and samples, courier bags, and technological products. Our expertise in handling general cargo, which comprises most of our product line, ensures that the process runs smoothly and without hiccups.

Cargo special services:

These shipments are scheduled with advance notice and a guaranteed space commitment. The following categories fall under the preview of special cargo services:

• Perishable items include cut flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen fish, shrimp seeds, and so on.
• Newspapers, magazines, books, and periodicals.
• Vulnerable cargo (mobile, camera, laptops etc.)
• Medicines, bulk drugs, and pharmaceutical products
• Household goods
• unaccompanied baggage

Special Cargo is packed in different bags that are easily identified. Each bag will be sealed to prevent content loss and will be loaded on the first scheduled flight.

Why choose us?

To every corner of the globe:

Our air cargo services Karur are constantly looking for untapped potential for new routes to cover the widest range of destinations possible worldwide.

Maximum optimization

We are committed to maintaining an optimal mixed-balance of global and local freight forwarding enterprises.

Transparency and feedback

Clear and prompt feedback and communication transparency in our daily interactions with our business collaborators are two of our most important core values for establishing and maintaining a trustworthy partnership.

Supervision and security

We provide a convenient and simple 24-hour flight watch programme. Provide RK courier and carrgo with your aircraft flight and ground handling information, and we will monitor your aircraft and send movement messages as needed. Even if your flight operates at odd hours, you should not be disturbed unless necessary. You can rest assured that we are tracking your flight, passengers, and cargo.

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Choosing the best air cargo shipping partner is an important business decision. We collaborate with you to create a last-mile delivery strategy that ensures same-day air-cargo services are backed up by cost-effective options, whether the final destination is a home, a business, or even the middle of nowhere. Experience the trust and peace of mind from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish with RK Courier and Carrgo.