Things You Need to Know About Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is one of the most widely used methods of international transport for both business and personal use. Freight forwarding companies, like Atlantic Forwarding, coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another using a range of carriers, including air freight, ocean freight and road freight.  The process of freight forwarding might seem daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with the process of freight shipping. Here are some facts you need to know about freight forwarding company in Karur that will help you throughout the process.  

A freight forwarder is responsible for the transportation of goods between one destination and another. Sea Freight service in karur specialise in arranging the whole process for their shippers, from the storage to the shipping of their merchandise. They act as an intermediary between the shipper and transportation services, liaising with various carriers to negotiate on price and decide on the most economical, reliable and fastest route.Using a freight forwarder to import and export goods can make the whole process a lot less stressful.  Freight forwarders are extremely knowledgeable about supply chain and can assist on all levels, from the packing and warehouse stages to the customs procedure, taking some of the pressure off you.

Freight forwarders can assist with the supply chain process on multiple levels including:

  • Customs Clearance
  • International export and import documentation
  • Insurance
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Inventory management

Freight forwarders will ensure that your goods arrive at the correct destination on time and save you money in the process, compared to doing it alone. Freight forwarding companies are not responsible for delays in shipping. These delays often occur due to bad weather, breakdown, port delays or unforeseen route changes.  Although shipping delays can be frustrating, it is important to remember that it is out of your freight forwarding company’s hands and that they’re trying to resolve it as quickly as possible. Before leaving your goods in the hands of your freight forwarder, you need to ensure that all of the paperwork for transporting your goods is completed. Your freight company will be able to help you with this, but it’s an incredibly important step to reduce the risk of your items not being released from customs or the bank refusing to release your funds – neither of which would be beneficial to your business.

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